Our Community

Covenants, Rules, and Regulations

We are a self-governing community located in Central Florida. Spruce Creek offers a lifestyle of fun and fulfillment in one of the coun­try’s most desirable retirement locations. To preserve the lifestyle that our residents desire, certain restrictions are in place to maintain the beauty and structural integrity of our neighbor­hoods. Special emphasis has been placed on aesthetic appeal and pride of ownership. Explore our website to discover why Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club is a great place to call home.

Quick Facts

3,250 Homes
1,604 Total Acreage
271 Acres of Golf Course – 36 holes

142 Acres Conservation Area
129 Acres of Common Area
40 Miles of Roadway

Age Restricted

Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club is an adult community where residents thrive in an active and enriching environment. At least one resident in each Spruce Creek home must be at least 55 years old. Children under 18 years of age may stay up to 30 days in a calendar year.


Protecting the beauty and value of your home is a priority. Homeowners should maintain these high standards by keeping their property in good repair. Painting and landscaping maintenance are to be done in a timely manner to provide a neat and attractive appearance. Lawns must be cut and edged on a regular basis.


The aesthetics of your neighborhood are affected by the parking and storage of vehicles. Motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, pickup trucks, watercraft and other vehicles in excess of a one-ton rating may not be parked in front of residences for longer than 24 hours while loading or unloading from a trip. Storage space for RVs is available for rent in our onsite facility.

Storage and Refuse

The visual beauty of this community’s tranquil surroundings is one of the features Del Webb Spruce Creek residents value most. Keeping the community attractive and clean is everyone’s goal. Debris, inoperable vehi­cles, appliances, furniture, lawn tools, boxes or building materials may not be stored on any residential lot. Trash should be bagged, tied and confined to approved containers and shall not be visible from neighboring properties or the street except during collection periods.


To protect the interests of all residents, certain provisions about pet ownership have been established. Dogs and cats must be contained on their owner’s property at all times, except that pets may be walked in the common areas provided they are under the control of the owner. Dog owners are requested to help ensure neighborhood pride and safety by leashing and cleaning up after their animals. Pets are not permitted in the recreational and golf course areas.

Exterior Additions

Certain exterior items such as satellite dishes, walls and signs affect the visual integrity of the community and are subject to specific restrictions outlined in the Covenants and Architectural Standards.

Architectural Review Committee

An Architectural Review Committee exists to help residents determine whether structural improvements and alterations are in keeping with the Covenants and Architectural Standards. Structural improvements are encouraged if the rights of everyone in your neighborhood are respected and protected.

In Conclusion

The Bylaws and Covenants established by the Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club Homeowners Association are designed to protect and enhance the lifestyle of our residents and the value of their homes. This overview is not a substitute for the Governing Documents of Spruce Creek Golf & Country Club which are available on this website. It was prepared to provide a general understanding of items that may be of interest to you.